Introduction to Your Future: Career and Campus Placements

Finding your dream job is more than just about completing your college studies and hoping that things will turn good for you. It is, for this reason, a wealth of opportunities are offered to students at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri, such as fieldwork, summer internships, industry-led work placement, practical online tools, and apps – all of which are directed towards enriching your experience here and help you graduate ready for the career. However, you will not be at the right place and at the right time always, meaning finding the right opportunities and resources can be difficult and how you can make the best use of them.

Creating a successful career path begins from the moment you walk into the CGC Jhanjeri campus and one needs to utilize the complete resources that are available here. All those who are starting their college life at CGC Jhanjeri here are some tips to make the most of what is available here.

Cultivate a Mindset that is Career Ready

To utilize the opportunities that are presented to you in the best possible way, you should have a clear understanding of the following things in mind – what you want to be when you complete your studies here? What will be getting from college? These questions may look simple, but finding the right answers to these questions will make you scratch your head. You should not get overwhelmed by the situation, whether you are starting your new journey or making a return back to complete the unfinished studies.

No one path will take you where you want to be. The fact is, the journey that you will be taking will determine what you should be doing with your life. An important part of studying, networking, and doing extra-curricular work here at CGC Jhanjeri is about discovering your strengths and making the best use of it. If you can find out the environment in which you can thrive and the projects that bring out the best in you, then you will be able to portray your strengths in a better way to the future employees.

Utilize CGC Jhanjeri Resources for Your Best Benefit

As a freshman at CGC Jhanjeri, you should be aware that there are an array of events and experts at the college campus who will support you in interview preparation and campus placement. Our placement cell has a highly trained team who will act as employability ambassadors and career advisors and will be available to talk to you one on one throughout your term at CGC Jhanjeri. You will be helped in several useful kinds of stuff such as – practice different interview scenarios, explore career options related to your field, develop the skills that will make you ready for the job, tips, and training that will make you ready for the professional life.

The one-on-one assistance is complemented by networking events and workshops that are organized regularly by the placement cell throughout the year. These events will give CGCians the chance to interact with and listen to heads of major companies and will get to know what big companies expect from their prospective employees. The sole purpose of these interactions is to prepare students beforehand on what type of questions they will be facing during interviews and how they can best prepare themselves. It should be reminded here that CGC Jhanjeri has the best placement record and the majority of its students are placed even before they pass out from the college.

Get Real-Life Experience while You Study

Reminding to what was mentioned at the beginning of this article, employers in the job market are not just looking for people with degrees. They want to hire well-rounded, adaptable graduates, they give preference to those who have several life experiences and non-technical skills, these traits will enable them to solve real-world problems and co-ordinate with existing teams perfectly. Realizing the fact that employers give preference to graduates who have real-life experience, students at CGC Jhanjeri are given several opportunities where they visit companies and industries and get firsthand experience of its working.

Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri has tie-ups with several companies both nationally and internationally to provide real-life exposure to students. The college has also signed MoUs with numerous colleges and universities abroad to facilitate summer internships and credit transfer programs for students. Thereby, students get a considerable amount of international exposure and become familiar with the working environment of companies abroad. Students at CGC Jhanjeri are job-ready as and when they pass out from the college.

The World of Opportunities Open up for You Here

Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri is student-centric and all the policies formulated by it are directed towards providing the premium learning experience to students. In the past eight years of its operations, time and again, the college has been awarded numerous recognitions which is a clear indication of the quality of service that is provided by the college. At the time of orientation, you will be made familiar with all the departments and the concerned staff member in charge of that department. This is done so you have no hassle as you pursue your program here, and know exactly where you have to go for a particular situation.

You have made the right decision to choose CGC Jhanjeri for your graduate or undergraduate program. We at the college are determined and work day and night to make you feel at home right from the day one and just like the thousands of ex-CGCians, you will be completely satisfied as and when you pass out from the college. At CGC Jhanjeri we are committed to transform your life, with the promise you to give your best here.