Financial Aid, Safety on Campus, Student Services and You as a Part of CGC Community

Good things come at a cost, and the same holds for quality higher education. Setting up the whole infrastructure including hiring educated and experienced faculty, state-of-the-art labs, and other facilities result in expenditure, and which ultimately affects the cost of higher education. On the other end of the spectrum are students/families who cannot afford this cost. CGC Jhanjeri has come out with several ways to help such families and thus it has arranged with banks through which students can raise loans to pursue their education. Other than this various scholarship schemes are also available.

To make higher education accessible to financially constrained students who have performed meritoriously, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri has launched the highly generous CGC Financial Aid for the academic session 2020 – 21 worth Rs. 2 crores. The aim is to bring help and hope at the doorstep of COVID-19 warriors, meritorious students, wards of defense personnel, exceptional sports performers, single girl child, handicapped students, sibling discounts, among others, and remove the financial deterrence in pursuing quality higher education.

Pursuing a quality undergraduate and post-graduate degree comes at a cost owing to the whole range of infrastructure set-up required to provide such a premiere education. Several families lack the finances to pay for such education. Realizing this big gap, and as an act to come out with a solution, CGC Jhanjeri has launched such financial assistance.

Ensuring Safety for All on the Campus

Moving on to the next big issue, that is of the safety of students, particularly that of girls at CGC Jhanjeri, the college has made full proof adequate arrangement to ensure no student ever get to face any kind of harassment. A formal body with the name Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) has been constituted to prevent, prohibit and redressal of harassment complaints to deal with complaints of women at the campus. Some of the main objectives of this committee include –

To provide all students a secure physical and social environment to prevent acts of harassment, promote a social and psychological environment that will raise awareness about harassment in its various forms. Service such as counseling, legal aid in case of atrocities against women, and provide an environment free of gender-based discrimination is provided by the department.

Even though CGC Jhanjeri has implemented all the required measures to ensure the safety of all women at the college campus, still it likes to share some word of advice to all of them. This is to help the concerned authorities to provide full proof of safety in return. First is to make use of the buddy system – the simple logic is safety comes in numbers as the last thing you want to do is put yourself in a compromising situation. Be conscious of your surroundings – in the majority of the cases we get the feeling that we are moving towards a troubled situation and

Student Services at College Campus

Various measures have been implemented at the college campus to facilitate and ensure the upbeat mood of students. To being things, the entire college campus is high-speed Wi-Fi internet service enabled using which students can resource various information. Several clubs and committees have also been formed by the various departments of the college, such as the iTechnocrat club by the computer science & engineering department, C-cube club by the civil engineering department, electrovision club by the electronics and communication engineering department, mechmortals club by the mechanical engineering department, sarvasa club and pulsating club by the applied science department and CODE – The IT club by the BCA clubs. All these clubs arrange for industrial visits of students and encourage them to implement their theoretical knowledge to the real-world environment.

The college has also arranged for several sporting facilities inside the premise, for example, the basketball court, badminton court, volleyball court, table tennis, pool table, and gymnasium that is equipped with the latest machinery and a certified trainer. The objective is to encourage students to explore their sporting side and give them a chance to make a name in the world of sports.

Role and Responsibility of Students at CGC Jhanjeri

Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri – the most renowned college in the whole of North India has provided all the facilities that are needed to provide a premier educational experience to students. With that being said, there are some codes of conduct and responsibilities that are expected from students as well, as they spend their time here. The first important thing is, students should use the facilities at the college with care and considering that they are their own and they will be used by other students as well. They should not indulge in careless activities which may spoil the environment of the college and cause wastage and damage to college resources. Other than excessive expenditure, such activities result in other students being devoid of the facilities.

Plus, students should be punctual and regular in attending classes to get the most of what is being taught to students. In case you miss any class, it will not only result in important material being lost but students will find it difficult to understand what is being taught further. This is a matter of your whole life and if you act leniently here, you will find it difficult to establish yourself strongly in the professional world. This is, straight forward, a complete wastage of time and money. It has been seen in many cases that most of the blame is being put on the college, even though it is the student who has not acted properly and delivered what is being expected of him or her.