Staying Involved in Sports at CGC Jhanjeri

Without a doubt, getting involved in any sport is a fantastic way to improve fitness and health. Of late, participation in sports in India has reached a record level and our sportspersons are winning medals regularly at the national and international levels. Numerous studies have shown that being involved in a sports activity not only makes us fit physically, but it also makes us fit mentally. It has been found in numerous studies that students who are involved in sports tend to perform well in studies as well, provided they provide adequate time for them both.

Develop Fitness Habits

At Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri, the management, and academicians are aware of the benefits that staying involved in sports provide. It is for this reason, several sports facilities are provided at the college campus. Students at CGC Jhanjeri are encouraged to develop better fitness habits and coordination by getting involved in exercises and sports. Proper stretching exercises along with yoga from the very beginning help them in looking after their bodies, thereby keeping health problems away. One of the most essential components of involving CGCians in physical activities and sports is to help them stay active.

Provide Emotional and Mental Benefits

Staying involved in sports help students in boosting and keeping their emotional and mental health well-being. When a person exercises regularly, several chemicals are released by the body such as endorphins which helps in liberating stress and brings up a positive mood to the mind and heart. The secret to a happier and less stressful life for students is to stay involved in physical activities and participate in some sports activities. At CGC Jhanjeri, students have won several medals and certificates by participating in various sports activities at the local, state, and national levels.

The building of Specific Skills

CGC Jhanjeri motivates its students to stay involved in sports as it enables them to build several skills and abilities such as confidence, leadership, patience, teamwork, trust, self-reliance, and many more to facilitate the complete development of students. The management and academic staff at the college make sure that students learn to maintain a perfect balance between sports, lectures, and personal life. 

Helps in Maintaining a Positive Spirit

One of the main benefits of staying involved in sports at CGC Jhanjeri is that it helps in developing a positive spirit to achieve success when students represent their college at the national and the state level. One of the secrets of the phenomenal success of students is the passion and positive spirit they have towards achieving their goals. By getting engaged in sports, they not only bring fame to the college but also to their family and in the end it helps in securing a good job. Several students at CGC Jhanjeri have gone on to make a full-fledged career in the field of sports.

Since the very beginning, CGC Jhanjeri has realized the importance of good sportsmanship in developing good professionals for society. The elaborate infrastructure providing various sports facilities and encouraging students to participate actively has been one of the main stays of the college.