Tips to Increase your Learning Skills

There is no shortage on the number of advice to the question ‘tips to increase your learning skills’, starting from the age-old aphrodisiac to the latest power yoga, the world is full with theories and concepts on ways to improve our learning skills. However, which technique or magic will be effective for you depends largely on your situation. In this write up we will revisit some of the old methods and combine them with new ones for you.

Bring Variation in Your Learning Routine and Location

We are sure most of you have a fixed time and place of study. However, it has been shown by research that varying these two factors contributes considerably to improving the learning of a student. Changing the source of learning can also be changed to get the desired result or improve your retention power. For example, for a week you study a subject through a book than to revise the same subject you make use of your laptop or cell phone. Such variation will help to keep things in your mind in different forms.

Have Sufficient Sleep at Night

The majority of students prefer to study at night, reasoning that it is pin-drop silence and it helps them in concentrating on the subject. However, some scientists believe that with insufficient sleep there has been a considerable decline in one’s ability to memorize or understand things. Those engaged in creative activities such as designing or painting, get better ideas when their mind has been completely rested. In case you are finding it difficult to remember what you have studied, try to take good sleep, around 7 – 8 hours daily, and after few days you will observe improvement in your retention power.

Cramming can only Work to Bring Exam Results

It is easier said than done, and students always have a reason to not do it. We have heard of it time and again, and we are reminding it again here – form a habit to study daily for at least 2 hours and you will never find any difficulty ever. Those who have the habit of cramming things on the night before the exam will retain things only till the time they give their exam. If you are serious about your studies and want to understand things that are being taught at the college, get in the habit of revising it daily as and when you reach back home or hostel room.

Take Notes in Class and Revise Them

The majority of the students, if not all, must be aware of this rule as well, but unfortunately, very few people follow this age-old rule. If you are not able to do any other thing, just follow this rule, and that is to give your full attention when you are attending the classes. Along with this, make it a habit to note down what is being taught to you at the college. If you follow this one rule, the majority of the study problem will be taken care of at the first instant. After returning home, all you will have to do is revise the things you heard.