How to Prepare, Enjoy, Survive, Adjust to College Life

As you begin your new life at college, one of the important resources to go through is the Freshman or first-year orientation. You will become familiar with the important buildings of the college, what is the time table, what all activities are conducted, and how the food is served in hostels. You will get to know the academicians for the first time and what kind of life you will have once you graduate. You may be overwhelmed by all the things that you will get to know as you will be inundated with the information.

How to Prepare for College Life

Time management is one of the most important skills to plan out as you start your college life. It has been found that students who are not able to align their schedules as per the college schedule from the very beginning will make things difficult for themselves as time passes on. Regular classes are held at college often spanning from morning till evening, and students have to adjust self-study and enjoyment time according to that. Things in actual life at college are quite different from what is being shown in movies and TV, so on the first day at the college, come with as much sincerity as you had gone to school.

All those students who will be moving to the hostel will have to learn ways on how to share a room with others. Living in a hostel room is much different from living in your home and with your family. Here, you have some expectations of your own and your roommate also expects something from you. Be specific on when you would like to study, how you like to study, and do other chores. Establishing coordination from early on is very essential to avoid unnecessary disturbance or botheration to mind later on. How you spend your time in the hostel room will directly impact your performance in the college. 

The solution to the entire problem here is to communicate with your roommate. You need to act more responsibly when you live in a hostel and keep your roommate in the loop of the activities you have planned for yourself. The next step is to encourage your roommate to do the same from his or her end. In the first few weeks at the campus, you should try to understand things before making any concept about the various processes. For the four years that you will be spending here, it is important to get yourself acquainted with things to make life easy for you in the future. Do not hesitate to ask things from the teachers or the staff members that are there at the college. With you as a newcomer, they will be more than willing to help you out.

How to Enjoy College Life

The best way to enjoy college life is to be an active participant in activities that are being performed or organized at the college. Starting from the academic part, you should pay close attention to what is being taught to you in the classrooms, and try to interact with your teachers. Make sure to perform the tasks that are being asked by the teachers. Things that are being asked to do by the teachers mean something and they are for your betterment. It is being done so you can have a better understanding of the theories or topics that are being taught to you. Above all, you will be on track and you will have time to enjoy other things at the college.

Participate actively in the extra-curricular activities that are being organized at the college and this is possible only when you have kept your studies in track with the daily requirement. Engage yourself in different competitions that are being held or volunteer for the various social activities that are being held by the college. This way you will develop yourself not only academically but have a personality of your own, plus you will get to know more people and will have a network that comes in handy when you start to work in an organization. At Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri, there are ample opportunities offered to students to come out of their cocoon and unleash their full potential.

How to Survive College Life

There are considerable glitz and freedom attached to when one moves to college life, and one needs to understand that it is important to control freedom. In case you do not pay attention to your studies, chances are you will be spending more years than usual at the college, which can be frustrating as it involves more money being spent at your end and it will make things difficult for you when you start searching for a job. As a student who is living away from the scanning eyes of the parents should learn to behave and keep control of one's timing, the earliest the better. Enjoy life when you are in college but not to the extent that it starts consuming on your studies.

Another important aspect of surviving college life is to make friends and get to know people as much as you can and as many as you can. Being in college is being close to joining the professional world and in case you do not develop this quality along with gaining the academic prowess than you might falter sooner or later. You may be technically sound but unless you have a network of people, it will be difficult for you to go at a higher level in an organization. Try to be conversant with whom you meet, strike a conversation and get to know them as much as possible, and this is how you will make better progress in personal and professional and will be able to survive college life in the first place.

Like it was said in the Spider-Man movie, with great powers comes great responsibilities, this saying applies here as well. When you get the liberty after passing out of the school it is not good to take undue advantage of it. Once you start doing this, you will soon spoil the whole enjoyment that is associated with being in a college. When you are in college, it is the best time to develop yourself, pay attention to studies, and to refresh your mood to enjoy some outing. At Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri a perfect balance between theory classes, practical exposure, and leisure time is maintained and it is the reason for such a wonderful performance from students. 

How to Adjust to College Life

Save money when you start your college life, stay healthy, and eat healthily, organize yourself in the room and the classroom. These are some of the many things that you need to adjust and adapt to when you enter college life. All those who are living in hostels may be surprised when they will observe that things don’t move on their own unless they make an effort to perform that task. For example, if there are clothes to be washed than this will not be done unless you make the effort. You are away from the comfort that was provided to you by your mother and the sooner you realize this fact of life, the easier it will be for you to adjust to college life. 

Managing your expenditure is an important part of adjusting to college life. Regardless of how affluent background you have or how liberal your parents are in granting you money, you still need to learn to manage your finances. As you form this habit, it will come handy when you start your own business or join a profession. For those who are planning to start their own business will realize that their spindrifts habit will not work in running a business, and if they continue with than their business will shut down soon, the latest example is that of Anil Ambani who is facing bankruptcy and has millions of dollars of debt to pay.

Starting a college brings up new excitement and challenges and it opens the door for several opportunities and numerous ways to experience new life. It is an opportunity to prove your worth once again in a whole new world, and this can be achieved only when you strike the right cords of when to study, how to attend classes when to engage yourself in extra-curricular activities and how much, and when to let things loose for you. Don’t go too much on any one side, neither study too much so you lose interest in studies and neither enjoys life too much so you lose track of your studies.

At Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri, students get to experience a premium study environment, the proximity to city beautiful Chandigarh along with separation from the main town, this college gives you the best atmosphere and ample opportunities to study and grow. There are several job oriented courses here and the majority of the students get placed even before they pass out from the college. The work of CGC Jhanjeri has been recognized and awarded several times. In case you are planning to enroll in higher education, do make sure to consider this college.